Integrity and Ethics

The Company places high value on the integrity of employees and ethical practices in its business dealings. We endeavor to establish the best professional and personal standards by adopting the path leading to the highest level of integrity

Value of Time

We believe that time is the most precious resource and should be utilized in the most effective and efficient manner possible and performance excellence in true sense is managing time to deliver the most in the shortest period

Respect, Recognition and Reward

The human resource policy is built on Respect, Recognition and Reward (3R’s) concept for all levels of employees

Organization Development through Self Development

Every member is encouraged and motivated with a vision and purpose to continuously strive for excellence, taking pride in the Atlas motto ‘Organization Development through Self Development’

Team Work

We believe that long term sustainability and growth of an organization is based on strong team work and every employee is committed to work as a team to deliver the best results


The Company strongly emphasizes on fair dealing with employees, stakeholders, business partners and clients through adherence to ethical values, Company policies, applicable laws, regulations and high standard of moral behavior