Human Resource


To recruit, develop & retain quality personnel that provide the highest level of quality service and productivity to achieve organization goals.


The management of AIL strongly believes in the Group philosophy of Organization development through continuous human resource development which ultimately accelerates productivity, increases employee effectiveness & efficiency, provides job satisfaction and promotes self respect, dignity and integrity.

AIL continue to have focused approach towards development of human resource for increasing organization growth and employee productivity to compete the ever increasing competition of the industry.


The Human Resource function has a very crucial role in organization’s ability to meet its goals. AIL is continuously making efforts to implement a strategy that involves a highly integrated set of functions in shape of employee placement, training & development, compensation & benefits and succession.

AIL strongly believes in the core value of 3Rs—- Respect, Recognition and Reward and these are embedded in the HR policy.

Greater emphasis is being given on having right people at the right job; the mix of competent and talented employees creates teamwork that leads to a culture of discipline.

Performance Management

Annual Performance process plays a key role in monitoring the performance of the employee. Employee’s individual performance leads to team strength which is ultimately be reflected in the organization’s overall performance.

  • Objective setting workshops are regularly organized during the month of November/ December every year before beginning of financial year. This provides employees to go through their thought process.
  • These workshops if required may be held separately for each Departments of the Company and conducted by HR in consultation with the respective Department Head.
  • Employees are encouraged to prepare their annual objectives on their own. Once the objectives have been finalized, targets, action plan and success criteria alongwith completion dates shall be fixed.
  • Bi annual Progress Review of the objectives are regularly done by Head of Departments to monitor the progress in achieving those objectives and/ or the problems being faced therein so that the same can be addressed.
  • To appreciate and encourage the performance of management staff, a performance bonus is also a part of our reward system. An employee can earn upto six bonuses, equivalent to six gross salaries. This bonus criterion is based on achievement of predetermined factors. On achievement of these, the whole management team will qualify for the bonus. Similarly for field executive, based on their annual performance, profit oriented incentives are distributed.
  • We have introduced the concept of Balanced Scorecard in our organization, awareness sessions have been conducted and we are planning to present our broader strategy as per balance scorecard methodology. In future, we will develop balance scorecards for our department also.