This Policy is designed to provide protection against Personal Accident, Medical Expenses & Hospitalization Abroad, Loss of Luggage and Passport etc., while insured is traveling out of home country.

Atlas Insurance has agreement with Gulf Assist B.S.C; in order to provide 24 hours assistance around the Globe to our Insured. Gulf Assist acts on behalf of Atlas Insurance to provide expert and practical advice / assistant and will also settle claims directly with hospitals abroad.

AIL offers various products under travel insurance providing coverage to clients traveling for the purpose of holidays, business, education. We are also offering products suitable for those going for Hajj, Umrah & Ziarat either with family, individually or in group.

Risk Covered

  • Medical & hospitalization abroad.
  • Personal assistance services.
  • Loss of passport, in flight baggage, trip cancellation
  • Personal accident etc.

Information required

  • Personal detail of person
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Residential address
    • Copy of CNIC & Passport
  • Date of traveling
  • Purpose of visit
  • Area of travel
  • Detail of beneficiary (Name, relation, CNIC & Contact number)

Detail of different products / Package including coverage / benefits and limits are as under:

S No. Coverages/Benefits
Platinum Gold Silver Standard
add 4% W. H. Tax for non-filer(s)
1Medical Expenses & Hospitalization Abroad 50,000 with the excess of US$ 50 50,000 with the excess of US$ 50 50,000 with the excess of US$ 50 50,000 with the excess of US$ 50
2Transport or Repatriation in case of Illness or Accident

50,000 50,000
3Emergency Medical Evacuation 50,000 25,000


4Emergency Dental Care 600 with excess of US$ 60

600 with excess of US$ 60

5Repatriation of Family Member Travelling with the Insured 5,000 3,000


6Repatriation of Mortal Remains 10,000 5,000



7Escort of Dependent Children 15,000

8Travel of one Immediate Family Member 100/ Day with a max. of 1,000 100/ Day with a max. of 1,000

9Emergency Return Home following Death of Close Family Member 15,000

Personal Assistance Services
10Delivery of Medicines 500

11Relay of Urgent Messages 500
12Long Distance Medical Information Service 500 100

13Connection Services 500 100

Losses and Delays
14Loss of Passport 100 100
15Trip Cancellation 500 150
16Delayed Departure 500 150
17In-flight Loss of Checked-in Baggage 500

500 500 500
18Compensation for delay in the arrival of luggage 300 200 100
19Location and forwarding of personal effects 300 200 100
Personal Accident
20Accident Death 12,500 12,500

21Permanent Disabilit 12,500


Travel Insurance Policy Wording

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Travel Packages (Benefits and limits)

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